About Harun

Harun is a lettering artist, designer, and creative director. He has spent much of his life obsessing over lettering creations. From admiring his mother's cursive notes, to writing graffiti as a teenager to studying the art of typography and ultimately creating hand-lettered artwork for a range of clients.
Script lettering and calligraphy play a large role in much of his work, which brings energy and grace to any project. He also uses a range of typographic styles for different projects, but ultimately selects the look and feel that best represents the idea of the design. Harun sees well-crafted lettering as an efficient use of communication because it both tells a story visually and through the words themselves.
Harun has applied his craft to many different formats including murals, screen printed posters, social content, film titles, skateboards, and tattoos. His work has received awards, been published in books, and displayed in gallery exhibits. He loves new creative challenges and bringing to life beautiful typographic creations.